Ten for Ten

Another way to use these picks is to sprinkle them into a larger portfolio of stocks to help boost your yield

Dividend Income Investors

Ten stock picks that have an average yield of 10.26%

As Dividend Income Investors we are always on the lookout for good High yielding stocks.

These High Yield Stock picks are suited for those that want to generate retirement income as they produce a lot of cash flow. I like to find stocks that many will not touch just because they are “high yield” stocks and by their reasoning they are to be shied away from. I currently have all but two of the stocks (WPG,& MTGE) in my own portfolio some of which have been there for over three years.

  1. (NLY) – 10.82%
  2. (NRZ) – 11.22%
  3. (AGNC) – 10.91%
  4. (WPG) – 12.08%
  5. (LADR) – 8.40%
  6. (CCP) – 9.18%
  7. (PSEC) – 10.98%
  8. (TCAP) – 9.67%
  9. (STWD) – 8.55%
  10. (MTGE) – 10.81%

For reference an investor that puts $100,000 into these stocks ($10,000 each) can expect to generate a cash income of about $10,260 per year or around $855 dollars per month.

For Comparison if the investor put the same amount into stocks averaging a yield of 2.5% the cash generated would be $2,500 per year or around $208 per month. A difference of $647 per month ! A huge difference for someone that needs income.

Another way to use these picks is to sprinkle them into a larger portfolio of stocks to help boost your yield. There are a variety of ways to use them and only your imagination will limit the possibilities. Dividend Income Investors should be careful as not to be reckless with the stocks they own but be willing to think outside of the box.

Some Investors are so focused on “preservation of the money” that they cannot possibly generate income. There is a balance between risk and high risk however but not being willing to take any risk – well maybe you should just buy a very good mattress to put it into.

But for those that need a great Income Flow with immediate results I believe the above list will serve you well.

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