Top Ten Yielding Champions

“As a Dividend Income Investor – Why settle for lowering yielding stocks?”

Dividend Champions

The Top Ten Yielding Stocks from the Dividend Champions list for 2017 !

As you can see these are top quality stocks and each and every one of them have been paying dividends for over a quarter of a century and one, Target Corporation, for almost a half a century. Now these are dependable by any measure.  As a Dividend Income Investor I like to choose the top yielding stocks. I could invest in an Index Fund (ETF) that will pay about half of these picks but why? You get  double the income with these picks.

As a Dividend Income Investor – Why settle for lower yielding stocks? Take a look at the top yielding stocks from the Dividend Champions.  And……….. hardly anyone can argue with the quality here.

AT&T Inc.  -33 Years T – 4.70%
Mercury General Corp. -30 Years MCY – 4.25%
Helmerich & Payne Inc.-44 Years HP – 4.31%
Target Corp. – 49 Years TGT-  4.52%
Universal Health Realty Trust 30 Years UHT- 4.31%
National Retail Properties – 27 Years NNN- 4.15%
Chevron Corp.- 29 Years CVX- 4.00 %
ExxonMobil Corp.- 34 Years XOM – 3.69
Old Republic International- 36 Years ORI – 3.80%
Consolidated Edison- 43 Years ED – 3.52%

Average Yield for all 110 Dividend Champion is 2.35%

Average yield of the S&P 500 is only 1.95%

The Average Yield for the top 10 Dividend Champions is 4.125% ( as of 3/27/17)

If you had $100,000 invested in each here is the Income that would be produced :

All Dividend Champions = $2,350 per year

S&P 500 = $1,950 per year

Top Ten Dividend Champions = $ 4,125

Double the Income = Double the Fun ! Why settle for less? For me it doesn’t make sense to do so when you can increase your quality of your holdings and make more income at the same time. With just a little thought we doubled our income. This is what Dividend Income Investors do ! We don’t just invest – we think first, then invest.

This data is courtesy of David Fish and is derived from his CCC List ( Dividend Champions, Contenders and Challengers) You can visit his site(The DRiP Investing Resource Center)

and download the CCC list in Excel or PDF format.


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