A Graduation Gift That Pays Dividends

This is that time of year when many people , both friends and family are pondering as to what would make the perfect graduation gift

Graduation Gift

This is that time of year when many people , both friends and family are pondering as to what would make the perfect graduation gift. Many choose cars, exotic vacations, jewelry, money. All nice gifts and I am sure the graduate would be glad to get any of those items after all they are all nice gifts.

Perhaps this year you should consider thinking like a Dividend Income Investor and not just a family member or friend. Dividend Income investors know that material things are nice but they don’t last and most of all they do not provide Future Income. That is why you should consider a gift of Quality Dividend Stocks for that graduate this year. It’s the gift that will dividends, literally.

Some picks that you might consider are :

  • Johnson and Johnson (JNJ) a stalwart for Dividend Stock Investors – Its hard to go wrong with this pick. Having raised its Dividend annually for over 50 years there is a good bet it will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.
  • AT&T (T) another classical name in investing – most of you know that AT&T is another great name but don’t look to the past with this one, look to the future. It’s recent acquisitions of Direct TV , Time Warner and expansion into Mexico shows that it is not going to rest on the laurels of the past but rather it intends to lead to the future.
  • General Electric – This is another classic company but has faltered some in the recent past but I believe this company is setting itself up for a bright future. It has rid itself of all the financial divisions and is concentrating on becoming a digital Industrial leader. I like the direction of the company and believe this stock would make the perfect gift for that special grad.
  • Proctor & Gamble (PG) – While another classic company this one may surprise some as its performance has not been stellar as of late but I believe slow and steady wins the race. This company has products that almost every single one of uses whether we realize it or not. Many of their products are used in everyday life so even during economic downturns we are still buying their products. This company will still be a top pick in another 100 years !

So you say I have convinced you but you are having a hard time choosing which one to invest in? How about choosing two of the four or even splitting it between all four stocks? This sure to be the best gift the Graduate receives and will pay the dividends for an entire lifetime.

What could be a better gift than investing in someone’s future?

Thoughts or comments are welcomed !


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