Does Your Job Guarantee Multiple Salary Increases each Year ?

“fortunately this job is available to each and every person that simply has the desire to do it”

Job Application

Mind does!

In fact, I get constant “salary increases “. So far this week alone ( It is Wednesday morning in mid April as I write) I have seen two “salary” increases. The first was from Proctor and Gamble (PG) proving me with a 3% increase in my dividend payments. The second was from Gladstone Investment Corporation providing me with a 2.4% boost in my dividends. Almost each and every month of the year I can count on one or more of my Dividend Stocks to increase my dividend payouts providing me with constant raises to my “salary”. No need to meet quotas, deal with performance reviews or haggle with a boss about how much I am worth to the company.

As a Dividend Income Investor its one of my many perks along with being able to take off from work anytime I choose, not having a boss to answer to,travel, spend time with my family. I know many of you say how much you love your jobs and I am truly happy for you but does your job “Love you Back”?

I am not writing this post to brag – fortunately this job is available to each and every person that simply has the desire to do it. I am writing this in hopes of inspiring folks of all ages to see what it took me many years to see. That is the way they look at money, savings and earning money. Most of us look at saving money as a chore or something that you will do for retirement at some point but I am saying that if you just look at it differently it will change not only your outlook of retirement but the way you look at how you currently earn money. And – the good news is that you can still keep your current job if you desire.

Getting started as a Dividend Income Investor is not very difficult, requires no formal education. It requires just a minimal amount of money to get started, will start paying you right away, will start proving you with “salary Increases” immediately and will pay you for the rest of your life and all for just a little bit of your time. Invest a little bit of your time by following this blog to gain the knowledge you need. Becoming a dividend income investor is not difficult it just takes the will power.

Yes I truly Love my “job” , I just wish I had known about it much sooner in life!


Come on in folks – We are always hiring !


Thoughts or Comments ? We would love to hear them !


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