Verizon Open to Merger

“I believe Verizon has been blinded by the light of AT&T”

Verizon Seeks Merger

Verizon to Merge with Disney or Comcast ?

Maybe in the future !

Verizon’s (VZ)  CEO Lowell McAdam has stated publically he is open to a Merger with any large Media or Telecom Players including Disney (DIS)  or Comcast (CMCSA).  he wants to “reset” the company’s course.

I believe Verizon has been blinded by the light of AT&T (T) lately as it has made some very important strategic acquisitions moves including moving into Mexico, purchasing Direct TV , Time Warner and most recently its deal to acquire Straight Path Communications for its valuable bandwidth.  Verizon seems to be a little lost in the wilderness with puzzling acquisitions like AOL and Yahoo, while AT&T seems to be directly focused  on a clear path to the future.

There is certainly exciting changes coming to the World of Telecoms as Communications and entertainment merge into a single entity.

I own both AT&T and Verizon but I am a clear believer in AT&T as of now. While Verizon, Disney and Comcast have all spiked on the news today , I would caution that Verizon has not even had talks with any potential suitors as of yet and appears to be more of an act of desperation on the part of Verizon.


Thoughts or Comments are Welcome !


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