Time to Have “The Talk” with your Children!

“I will not quit until I am satisfied they at least have a grasp of the basics and the knowledge of creating an income stream from their investments”

dividend income investors

“Let me tell you about the birds and the bees and a thing called Love”

No, not “That Talk”,  I am  talking about the “Financial Talk”.

As a society we put emphasis on all types of social issues that we have our schools address to our children. I don’t want to give the impression that a lot of these issues are not important but I believe educating our children about Finances should be one of our top priorities. Many children can go all the way through college and not learn even the basic of Financial skills. It is my opinion as to why so many people struggle to make ends meet, they have never been taught even the basics of managing their finances.

I know I was never taught anything in High School about Personal Finances or Investing basics. My parents never mentioned the subject or even shared their on personal finance history with me.Yet, many parents have a talk with their children about sex and other personal matters but never think that one of the basic life skills in today’s society is even important enough to bring up. I suspect in my own parents case it was because they themselves were clueless. This can be backed up by the evidence left after their passing when we discovered that even though they made very good money for most of their working lives, they have very little to show for it.

My first taste at learning about personal finance was through a college elective course appropriately named Personal Finance. But even this course was basic information. It gave no details about investing and how to achieve your financial goals.

At the risk of sounding like a “Conspiracy Theorist” maybe our society which is controlled by big business and big banks has a motive to keep the masses ignorant of their finances and how to manage them. I really do not understand why our schools do not place more emphasis on this subject than they do. In today’s world this subject is no less important than Art, History, or Government. How can anyone make it through life without the basic skills of developing a Budget, knowing the true cost of loans or credit cards or having a plan to save for emergency needs or their retirement.

Almost every thing I know about Personal Financing was self taught. I purchased books and read articles. For some reason it fascinated me so I could not (and still can’t) get enough information. I love the idea of investing and learning better ways to actually put it into practice. The entire journey has lead me to Dividend Income Investing. I know that not every one will be as enthused with Investing and Finances as I am but I also know that it is important to teach our children about the basics. I know if I had known even a fraction of what I know now I could have avoided some very costly mistakes early in my life and I suspect that many of you would say the same about your own lives.

As for myself, I have dedicated my self to make sure my children at least have the basic knowledge of investing. It is a struggle sometimes because they have do desire to learn this “boring” subject but I will not quit until I am satisfied they at least have a grasp of the basics and the knowledge of creating an income stream from their investments to help enhance their lives.

We cannot teach our children about every possible situation that might arise in their financial lives but we can make it much easier on them by giving them the basic tools and knowledge they need to thrive in the financial world. Until the schools start realizing and putting more emphasis on the subject I believe it is the parents responsibility to teach them as much as possible.

Don’t have the knowledge yourself ? Then consider signing up to follow us here and maybe even having your children subscribe. We promise to leave the Birds and the Bees to you and the schools and we will concentrate on Investing and Finances !

Comments or thoughts ? I would enjoy to read them. Please comment below.




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