Employers Adding New Benefit

“FutureFuel also allows perspective candidates to connect with companies”

Employers adding Student Debt to Benefits

There’s a brand new benefit that some employers are starting to offer and I believe it will be a particularity attractive benefit to Gen-Xers and Millineals.

In a reversal of a trend in recent years to cut or trim employee benefits one company has come with an idea that has employers actually adding a new benefit. So what is this great idea for a new benefit?

It’s the brainchild of a new startup called FutureFuel. What it does is allow employers the ability to recruit top notch employees by offering to pay off their student loans as part of their pay package.

This is how FutureFuel describes themselves from their web site:

FutureFuel.io makes implementation of debt repayment easy. We offer student debt pay down, as a service. Our best-in-breed SaaS platform empowers employers and partners to “turn on” student debt repayment as a new employee benefit — enterprise-wide or for special employee populations. Refinancing and other value-add products are embedded into a contextually-aware, targeted, user experience, prompting financial literacy. Whether utilized as a branded or white label solution, FutureFuel.io serves up an elegant, simple, and intuitive process for all stakeholders.

And – Their Mission Statement:


FutureFuel.io’s mission is to democratize access to student debt repayment as a new normal in employee benefits. Partnering with the private sector will enable us to eliminate more than $1,500,000,000 in student debt by 2021. This is $1,500,000,000 that we liberate, from debt towards wealth — contributions to 401(k), savings, home ownership and beyond.

Laura Taylor - FutureFuel Founder & CEO
Laura Taylor – FutureFuel Founder & CEO

FutureFuel also allows perspective candidates to connect with companies  by allowing them to post profiles and connect through their website. This is very valuable for those that are still in school to know that they will not only have a job waiting for them but that there will be help in paying off their student debt also. It is a win-win for both the employer and the potential employee.

What a brilliant idea this is and I believe you will see a very rapid adaptation of this benefit with employers, especially for employers engaged in the technological fields.

For more information please visit the FutureFuel Web Site.


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For more information Please Visit the FutureFuel Website


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