DIY Investing

DIY Investing can be accomplished by over 99% of the population – Cut out the middle man and add to your savings

Dividend Income Investors


Stock Brokers and Financial Advisors – Why they are not your friend

The financial community, especially the “Financial Advisors” and those that make a very good living off of “managing “ other people’s money for them have a vested interest in convincing us there is something “magical” about what they are capable of doing. News

Alert – It’s not!

In fact I am sure you can come out ahead by doing it yourself and eliminating all the hidden fees and commissions they charge you. You can bet they will never recommend individual stocks for you because they cannot make streams of money from you. Some “advisors” even charge a flat percentage of your portfolio for “managing” your portfolios. That is correct, they will make money whether you lose money or make money their cut keeps rolling in.  Over the years this can lead to thousands of dollars that are siphoned off in the form of direct and indirect or even “hidden” fees. So, if they are not my friend then who is? Quick, run to the nearest mirror and tell me what you see. Once again you are correct – it is you. You are the one that is your true friend. You are the one person that you can always count on to have your best interest in mind.

DIY Investing

Why not just take control and invest your own money? I know that not everyone is capable of handling their own affairs but I am willing to bet 99% of you are. Take the time to educate yourself and you will be rewarded many times over. Like any other area in life perhaps the hardest part is learning and familiarizing yourself with the terminology. Once you have that down you will discover every penny you can invest instead of spending can earn you a lifetime of income……………..

So take the time to learn how to invest and save those fees for your own income.



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