Become a “Wheeler and Dealer”!

“So as you can see, there is literally no excuse for not having a passive or alternative income stream. “

Wheeler and Dealer

Become a “Wheeler and Dealer” for Fun and Profit!

Looking back there are people that stand out in life as having that “Secret Sauce” we all desire. Sometimes because we are so focused on other aspects of life we fail to see what is right before our eyes. I have met two people in my lifetime that made a great impact on me when it came to their ability to generate income. These people and others like them have a talent that is generally not recognized as such. They have the ability to look at everyday situations and turn them into money making opportunities. They see opportunities that most of us just pass by. They instinctively know how to make money where we fail to see the value. Most of us ignore opportunities because we don’t realize we are seeing an opportunity. But there are a few people that see opportunities daily and jump on the chance of profiting from them.

They are what I like to call “Wheeler and Dealers”!

The first person was a friend and coworker during my early years in the Navy. He and I became close friends, we not only interacted well at work but we regularly hung out after work and he and his wife would invite me over for dinner. It soon became clear to me that he had a special talent, although at the time I don’t think I understood. He was what I like to call a “Wheeler and a Dealer”. I don’t mean this is a derogatory manner but rather a genuinely positive way. I had great admiration for him and his ability to spot “opportunities” to make money and generate cash flow. Somehow he was always looking for and spotting that deal that would make him some money. He would buy a car and flip it for an instant profit, or make trades then later sell what he traded for a substantial profit. He did not wait for opportunities, he created them.  I have lost contact with him over the years but the last I heard from him he was doing very well and living a very comfortable life. I have no doubt that he is still “Wheeling and Dealing”.

The other person was a relative of mine through marriage. My wife and I were invited to his house for dinner as we happen to be in town for Easter. My first impression was of awe – a beautiful home and a beautiful hidden property of wooded, rolling hills, a small lake stocked with fish. My first thought was that this guy must have a really good job with a really great income. It turns out I was correct but not exactly for the reasons I was thing. When we went inside the first thing you noticed was that the entire home was furnished with expensive and elegant antiques. Not exactly my personal style. But I am sure that many would love to have the furnishings for themselves, especially those of you that are antique lovers.  I would guess that to go out and buy these items to furnish your home would cost you two or three million dollars. Yes, there was that many, and they were that nice. It was just literally amazing.  Later I asked his son what his father did for a living. It was his answer that floored me. He told me that his father had never held a job in his entire life! He was in his seventies at the time. After more questions I learned that he was an amazing person and made his entire living from finding deals and converting them to cash. He would trade or purchase items from people he knew or met and the trade or resale them to others for profits. He had a keen eye for bargains and knew how to turn them into profits. I later learned that the items furnishing his home were items he wanted to keep and decided not to resale or trade. He was sitting on at least a two or three million dollars in antique furnishings in his home. His home was something that I could only dream of at the time. The property and home was easily worth a million even though it was located in a rural area of Tennessee. It turns out I was correct in my original thought – This guy had a really great job, I just did not realize he worked as a “Wheeler and Dealer”.

I believe that each and every one of us has the ability to become a “Wheeler and Dealer” on some level. We may not be able to make our entire living from it but we can certainly obtain the level of alternative income streams from it with very little effort other than keeping our eyes and minds open to opportunities as they present themselves. It takes a different mindset. I may not be able to instinctively spot bargains and deals like my friend but with approaching every day with the will power to look for deals we can all find bargains to make money and who knows many even make a decent living.

So as you can see, there is literally no excuse for not having a passive or alternative income stream. I have only scratched the surface of potential income here. All you need is the ‘want to” and you are funding your retirement! Saying there is nothing I can do is just an excuse. Each and every one of us has the capability to create alternative Income streams! Make a commitment to yourself to start looking for everyday opportunities and acting upon them for profit and for fun. If you are able to successfully transform yourself you are almost guaranteed to never be without income.  Who knows maybe will ask you what your job is and you will reply – I am a “Wheeler and a Dealer”!

Thoughts or Comments? Have your own story to share ? We would love for you to share them with us !


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