About Dividend Income Investors

Dividend Income Investors shows how to use the Dividend Income strategy to not only supplement your retirement income but how to thrive with a growing stream of income in your retirement years or for those that start early enough, even during your working years.

Just think if you were making more income from from your investments than you are from your salary? Its a smart strategy that ensures you and your family can live life without the worries of losing your jobs or having enough for retirement.

This strategy uses the power of compounding combined with high yields to generate ever growing streams of income.

In addition we have articles on Real Estate projects, general Market News, Track major U.S. Dividend Increases and Decreases and report news on major Mergers, Acquisitions and Stock Splits and more.

We also strive to write articles that are simple and easy to understand. We are not here to impress with how complicated or sophisticated we sound. Our goal is write very simple straight forward pieces that almost anyone can comprehend and act upon. Investing is not complicated so why try and make it so?  Our English mistakes – well maybe that is not on purpose but hopefully all the grammar Nazis out there in cyber Land will cut us slack !

Become a Dividend Income Investor today by following along with us as we show you how to not just generate extra income but to thrive in life.