Top Ten Yielding Champions

“As a Dividend Income Investor – Why settle for lowering yielding stocks?”

The Top Ten Yielding Stocks from the Dividend Champions list for 2017 !

As you can see these are top quality stocks and each and every one of them have been paying dividends for over a quarter of a century and one, Target Corporation, for almost a half a century. Now these are dependable by any measure.  As a Dividend Income Investor I like to choose the top yielding stocks. I could invest in an Index Fund (ETF) that will pay about half of these picks but why? You get  double the income with these picks.

As a Dividend Income Investor – Why settle for lower yielding stocks? Take a look at the top yielding stocks from the Dividend Champions.  And……….. hardly anyone can argue with the quality here.

AT&T Inc.  -33 Years T – 4.70%
Mercury General Corp. -30 Years MCY – 4.25%
Helmerich & Payne Inc.-44 Years HP – 4.31%
Target Corp. – 49 Years TGT-  4.52%
Universal Health Realty Trust 30 Years UHT- 4.31%
National Retail Properties – 27 Years NNN- 4.15%
Chevron Corp.- 29 Years CVX- 4.00 %
ExxonMobil Corp.- 34 Years XOM – 3.69
Old Republic International- 36 Years ORI – 3.80%
Consolidated Edison- 43 Years ED – 3.52%

Average Yield for all 110 Dividend Champion is 2.35%

Average yield of the S&P 500 is only 1.95%

The Average Yield for the top 10 Dividend Champions is 4.125% ( as of 3/27/17)

If you had $100,000 invested in each here is the Income that would be produced :

All Dividend Champions = $2,350 per year

S&P 500 = $1,950 per year

Top Ten Dividend Champions = $ 4,125

Double the Income = Double the Fun ! Why settle for less? For me it doesn’t make sense to do so when you can increase your quality of your holdings and make more income at the same time. With just a little thought we doubled our income. This is what Dividend Income Investors do ! We don’t just invest – we think first, then invest.

This data is courtesy of David Fish and is derived from his CCC List ( Dividend Champions, Contenders and Challengers) You can visit his site(The DRiP Investing Resource Center)

and download the CCC list in Excel or PDF format.


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Champions, Contenders and Challengers

“The Dividend Champions, Contenders and Challengers are a valuable resource for the Dividend Income Investor “

What are the Dividend Champions, Contenders and Challengers (CCC Lists) ?

They are a list of stocks that are maintained by David Fish, Editor of the Money paper and, Co-Manager of the Mutual Fund MP 63 Fund (DRIPX),   which invests exclusively in companies that offer Direct Reinvestment Plans. His lists are provided in both excel and PDF can be found at the DRiP Investing Resource Center

He is also an author of 473 articles that he has shared on Seeking Alpha,  a major online investing blog. You can check out his latest articles there by visiting his personal seeking alpha page.

Here is the basic criteria for each category:

Dividend Champions – Companies that have increased their Dividends Payouts for at least 25 consecutive years

Dividend Contenders – Companies that have increased their Dividend Payouts for 10 – 24 years

Dividend Challengers – Companies that have increased their dividend Payouts for 5-9 years

There are currently 115 Champions, 236, Contenders and 480 Challengers on the Lists. As you can see it takes a tremendous amount of effort to make sure they are keep up to date.

Mr Fish keeps the  lists current and in addition has a wide array of media and tools on the website in addition to the CCC lists. There are even lists of Dividend Champions from other countries such as Canada , The United Kingdom and Sweden.

The Dividend Champions, Contenders and Challengers are a valuable resource for the Dividend Income Investor because while history does not predict the future it serves to show the companies that the odds are favoring in terms of trust. It is easy to read and easy to differentiate companies on the list by a wide array of factors and criteria such as the companies Name, Ticker Symbol, the industry or sector, the number of years on the list, its curre4nt dividend yield and even if it is in danger of losing its status by failing to raise its dividend for more than a year.

Dividend Income Investors intends to keep our readers updated on this valuable resource by publishing several articles a year about the list. We intend to update our followers with our picks from each category at least twice per year and write articles that are fact based on data derived from these lists. Thanks to the generosity of Mr. Fish for allowing us access to this valuable data this will enable  provide you, our readers with very informative and actionable articles to help you make decisions on your financial future.   Don’t miss out – be sure to follow us and stay on top when it comes to your dividend Income Investing.

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