Make Money with Google Adsense

” almost anyone can create Income streams by simply creating a website or a blog. “

How to make Money using Google Adsense on Your Web Site or Blog

One area that we focus on is Multiple Income Streams and just how important it is to create these for yourself. Having multiple income streams generating income for you and your family helps to create peace of mind. This article is not intended to be some get rich quick scheme, although many have claimed to have generated very good wealth by creating niche web sites or popular blogs. The purpose of this article is to show how almost anyone can create Income streams by simply creating a website or a blog. Like anything else in life your success will depend on your talents and the amount of work you put into it. There are basically two types of websites and blogs – the static information type and the fluid information type. The static type is one that you have permanent information on so that when someone searches for information on that topic, if you have done your job well and have picked a popular topic people will visit and read. The beauty of this type is once it is created it requires very little effort on your part to maintain, there fore once it is monetized you can relax and let the income roll in. The draw back to the static site is that you have to make sure you have information posted that people want or no one will visit your site. You also have to have very good and appropriate search terms which can take a little luck or a lot of expertise. But this type is popular and many have developed these informational type static sites.

The other type can be a fluid type of site or perhaps more like a traditional blog. It is similar to the site in that it is constantly being changed and added to. You need to add articles or posts continually attract visitors and a following so it does take quite a bit of work. On the other hand because the content is constantly being posted it attracts more people naturally and you can have a wider audience. Even better if you can attract followers who love visiting your Blog or Website without the need of a Search Engine to attract them. If you have followers who visit you weekly or daily or on some sort of regular basis this helps to improve your traffic.

The goal is traffic, the more people that visit and read your articles the more money you can make. Makes sense right? Basically there are two ways you make money off of showing ads. The first is by the number of times the ads are shown, usually counted in per thousand impressions. The other is by the number of clicks your ad receives. This can be very lucrative for certain high value products because Google basically has an auction system where the more money a company bids for its ad to display the more money you can make off that click.



I will answer some Common Questions and provide you with a wealth of Information on making money with Google Adsense.

  • Can I make money using Google Adsense?
  • Is Google Adsense a good Ad Company?
  • Is Google Adsense a Scam?
  • Can you Make Money Online with Google Adsense?
  • Can You make money Blogging and using Google Adsense?
  • How can I make Money Blogging?

Can I work at home and earn money from the Internet

The answer is absolutely yes. I would guess to say results will vary as to the quality and type of content you present but it is certainly not unheard of for people to make an extra $200 to $500 per month in  income. (I know because I have fallen into this category). It is really a good feeling to see that extra money being deposited into your account each month. Of course the amounts will vary by the amount of traffic that comes to your site each but as long as you have quality content and adhere to the rules you are set.



You more than likely stumbled upon this article because you are searching for ways to earn money or you are just thinking about monetizing your Web Site or Blog and you don’t know where to start or if it is even worth your trouble. Let’s start off with the basic questions.

What is Google Adsense and how can I earn money by using it on my web site or Blog?

Google has two main components when it comes to advertising. The first of course is the advertisers. They are the companies that are trying to get you to visit their websites, buy their products or services or trying to build brand recognition. They pay Google to show their ads across the internet. They can target locally, nationally or even internationally. They bid on Keywords (Words or phrases that people type in when they are searching for something) An example would be “Wig” a broad termed Keyword or “Costume Wig” or “Red Costume Wig”. The shorter Key Words are called Short Tailed Key Words and the longer more detailed Key Words are called Long Tailed Keywords. This first Google advertising category is called “Adwords”

The second category is called “Adsense” and is for the Website owners or “Publishers”. You simply paste the Code onto your blog or web site to show the ads. Each time people click on the ad you earn money. The amount of money depends on your share from above – that is how much that advertiser bid for your keywords. It is important that your website contain as many Key Words as possible to attract the right people for the right advertiser. (This is why the Subject or theme is important (Discussed Later))


Is Google Adsense a good Ad company to use?

Yes, They are one of the best and I believe the only one that pays per click now. Most pay on a Pay per View (PPV) basis only now. There revenue share is not the best but you will probably do better with Google than other advertising platforms.

What is the advantage of showing Google Ads on my Web Site or Blog?

Well there is one major advantage – To make money! Some people set up several websites for one purpose – to show Google Ads and to earn money. That’s what I do myself. I think of great Web Sites or Blogs. I build them with Content. Place Ads on them and wait for the traffic to build and the money to start rolling in.

How Long does it take to start earning money?

Well, that depends on how much traffic you have coming to your website. A new web site could take as much as two – three years to build up but a good rule of thumb is that a web site with a hundred thousand views each month will earn about $150 – $200 per month. Not going to make you rich by any means but consider this. Build 10 websites or blogs to that amount and you are potentially bringing in $1,500 – $2,000 per month. Not a bad supplemental income. If you have twenty of these sites you could be earning $3,000 – $4,000 per month. See the potential?  Again I will stress it is not easy and it takes time but it is time well worth investing in. Once you have built up your sites the money just keeps rolling in month after month it will be deposited into your account and you don’t have to be present for it to happen. It will be a potential lifetime of income for you.


Where do I find Website Providers or Blogs to Post on that are not expensive?

There are literally dozens of websites and blogs available. WordPress is very popular but be warned that if yo choose WordPress hosting for your blog or site you will not be able to use Google. You will be forced into WordPress Word Ads. It is okay but in my opinion an inferior product as you have no say or control whatsoever in the ad displays.

Is showing Google Ads on Blogs or Website anyone can do?

Yes, If you can put together a Blog or a Website almost anyone can earn money this way. If you can use a computer you can earn money by building Web Sites or by Blogging.

Is it hard to paste the ads onto my website or blog ?

Not usually, Some sites like WordPress ypu will have to install a plugin to let you show ads while others you simply paste the Java Script from Google Adsense and paste it into the page as a script. Once the site is re-published the ads will show.

Can I show Ads on My Website or Blog?

Yes, any blog or Web Site you own can be used to make money by showing ads except as noted on certain sites like WordPress hosted sites. Also Google may have restrictions on sites that have “offensive” content. Check with Google on their current policies.

How do I pick a theme or subject for my Blog or Website?

The best way is to choose a Theme or Subject you are Knowledgeable in or Passionate about or better yet – Both. You will have to post a lot of content about that theme or subject so the more you know or the more passionate about the better.

Some popular themes and Subjects are:

  • Cooking
  • Diets
  • Recipes
  • Health
  • Animal Rights
  • Politics
  • Crafts
  • Art
  • Music
  • Entertainment
  • Movies
  • Television
  • Religion
  • Sports
  • Hunting
  • Fishing
  • Snow Skiing
  • Travel
  • Restaurants
  • Blogging about other Web Sites
  • News
  • Use your imagination and think of thousands more topics!

We sell our own products – Will showing ads take away from our business?

No, you can control what shows on your web site or blog by blocking certain categories of ads or even specific advertisers. I have found with my own web sites that it actually ads to the experience of the user. Let’s face as much as 80% of the traffic to a web site is people that are not specifically looking for the products you are selling but rather just random users stumbling around the internet. Why let these views go to waste, show them ads and hopefully earn a little money from them. After all they are eating up your bandwidth. With my own site  I show ads continually so I am making money even when people are not buying products  from me.

Will showing ads on my site make it look tacky or somehow cheapen it – Will people not visit my website because I am showing ads?

Seriously? Have you taken a look at any of the major sites? They all show ads. People will not stop coming to your site because you are showing ads. People are so use to seeing ads they don’t even think twice about them. Besides many sites are out there to make money, they either have to charge people to visit the site or show ads. Showing ads wins 99% of the time. People will not visit your site for only a couple of reasons, either you are not showing up in the search engines or, you have lousy content on your web site. In most cases its because you have lousy content because otherwise you would be showing up in the searches.

Warnings with Google Adsense :

Google operates with a very strict set of rules that you must follow. Make sure you read their guidelines before placing ads on your site.

Some of the Google rules are:

  • Never click on your Ads.
  • Don’t let family or friends click on the ads.
  • Never trick people into clicking on the ads.
  • Ads have to clearly recognize as ads.
  • Only three Banner Ads are allowed per page
  • You can include Link ads in addition.
  • Your site must have a page dedicated to your sites Privacy Policy.
  • You must not have links to certain types of sites like pornographic Web Sites
  • And more rules – visit their website for current and complete rules.


How can I get traffic (More Visitors to my Site)?

The number one thing to do to drive traffic (Visitors) to your site is to have a Web Site that is rich in good quality, useful and original content. People look for Web Sites to educate themselves, enrich themselves, or to entertain themselves.  If you can meet their needs they will come to your site.  Don’t think it is easy though. Everything you write and do for your web site should be done with the intent of filling the needs of your sites visitor. Stick with the theme. In retail, I had a saying “Don’t sell Hams in a Party Store”. What did it mean? I once hired a Lady as a manager for one of my stores that had previous experience running a Ham Shop where they sold Hams to Tourists.  She told me how well certain items sold at the Ham shop and started ordering them for our store. I quickly learned that what sells well in a Ham store will not sell in a Party Store – and more than likely vice versa. People have expectations when they visit your web site, don’t try and sell them Hams!

Make sure the content on your site is fresh and original. Google will actually punish your site in the rankings if you are copying and pasting from other sites. They have algorithms that are designed to pick up on sites that are doing this. Make sure the content besides being your own and fitting your sites theme is also useful. This will help ensure that once people find your Web Site – they will return to it for more information.

How Much Money Can You Make?

This depends on how much Traffic your Web Site gets and how many people click on or view your displayed ads. There really is no limit and it is not uncommon for some to earn thousands of dollars each month simply by showing Google Ads on their Blogs and Web Sites.

How does Google Adsense Pay ?

They pay you monthly if you earn the minimum amount ($100) They will mail the check to you or you can have it direct deposited into your account.

How long does it take to start earning money with Google Adsense?

You can start earning money from day one but really it depends on the amount of traffic to your web site or blog.  Of course the more traffic and visitors to your site the higher your potential to earn. You earn money when someone clicks on your displayed ads. The amount you earn on each click depends on the type of ad and how much the advertiser bid  for the ad.


Do you have to have paid SEO people to rank your site higher?

Not really, some of these companies can help but generally they are really just putting on a little window dressing and charging you an unbelievable amount of money. There are SEO tricks to help with your rankings but really not worth the money. Your number one goal should be to make money not to spend it. If you want to rank higher the best route is to add good quality and original content to your Web Site or blog. When you deliver great, original content you are giving people what they are looking for when they search the internet, they pick up on it which increases your traffic and increases your ranking in Google. Make sure the content you place on your Web Site or Blog is your own. Don’t copy and paste it to yours. This will not increase your traffic and in fact it will do the exact opposite, it will get you penalized and reduce your traffic. Another thing to avoid is posting “mirrored” content on your sites. If you have an article on one site do not post it on another. Google likes original and unique content. One of the best ways to drive traffic to your site is through the use of Social media – like Facebook and Google Plus. Instagram and others.


Where do I find Google Adsense?

You can find Google Adsense by clicking here


Are there other Ad Companies I can Use ?

Yes there are many Ad Companies out there . Some of the alternatives are :



Revenue Hits

Media.Net ( Yahoo/Bing)





Bid Advertisor







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Become a “Wheeler and Dealer”!

“So as you can see, there is literally no excuse for not having a passive or alternative income stream. “

Become a “Wheeler and Dealer” for Fun and Profit!

Looking back there are people that stand out in life as having that “Secret Sauce” we all desire. Sometimes because we are so focused on other aspects of life we fail to see what is right before our eyes. I have met two people in my lifetime that made a great impact on me when it came to their ability to generate income. These people and others like them have a talent that is generally not recognized as such. They have the ability to look at everyday situations and turn them into money making opportunities. They see opportunities that most of us just pass by. They instinctively know how to make money where we fail to see the value. Most of us ignore opportunities because we don’t realize we are seeing an opportunity. But there are a few people that see opportunities daily and jump on the chance of profiting from them.

They are what I like to call “Wheeler and Dealers”!

The first person was a friend and coworker during my early years in the Navy. He and I became close friends, we not only interacted well at work but we regularly hung out after work and he and his wife would invite me over for dinner. It soon became clear to me that he had a special talent, although at the time I don’t think I understood. He was what I like to call a “Wheeler and a Dealer”. I don’t mean this is a derogatory manner but rather a genuinely positive way. I had great admiration for him and his ability to spot “opportunities” to make money and generate cash flow. Somehow he was always looking for and spotting that deal that would make him some money. He would buy a car and flip it for an instant profit, or make trades then later sell what he traded for a substantial profit. He did not wait for opportunities, he created them.  I have lost contact with him over the years but the last I heard from him he was doing very well and living a very comfortable life. I have no doubt that he is still “Wheeling and Dealing”.

The other person was a relative of mine through marriage. My wife and I were invited to his house for dinner as we happen to be in town for Easter. My first impression was of awe – a beautiful home and a beautiful hidden property of wooded, rolling hills, a small lake stocked with fish. My first thought was that this guy must have a really good job with a really great income. It turns out I was correct but not exactly for the reasons I was thing. When we went inside the first thing you noticed was that the entire home was furnished with expensive and elegant antiques. Not exactly my personal style. But I am sure that many would love to have the furnishings for themselves, especially those of you that are antique lovers.  I would guess that to go out and buy these items to furnish your home would cost you two or three million dollars. Yes, there was that many, and they were that nice. It was just literally amazing.  Later I asked his son what his father did for a living. It was his answer that floored me. He told me that his father had never held a job in his entire life! He was in his seventies at the time. After more questions I learned that he was an amazing person and made his entire living from finding deals and converting them to cash. He would trade or purchase items from people he knew or met and the trade or resale them to others for profits. He had a keen eye for bargains and knew how to turn them into profits. I later learned that the items furnishing his home were items he wanted to keep and decided not to resale or trade. He was sitting on at least a two or three million dollars in antique furnishings in his home. His home was something that I could only dream of at the time. The property and home was easily worth a million even though it was located in a rural area of Tennessee. It turns out I was correct in my original thought – This guy had a really great job, I just did not realize he worked as a “Wheeler and Dealer”.

I believe that each and every one of us has the ability to become a “Wheeler and Dealer” on some level. We may not be able to make our entire living from it but we can certainly obtain the level of alternative income streams from it with very little effort other than keeping our eyes and minds open to opportunities as they present themselves. It takes a different mindset. I may not be able to instinctively spot bargains and deals like my friend but with approaching every day with the will power to look for deals we can all find bargains to make money and who knows many even make a decent living.

So as you can see, there is literally no excuse for not having a passive or alternative income stream. I have only scratched the surface of potential income here. All you need is the ‘want to” and you are funding your retirement! Saying there is nothing I can do is just an excuse. Each and every one of us has the capability to create alternative Income streams! Make a commitment to yourself to start looking for everyday opportunities and acting upon them for profit and for fun. If you are able to successfully transform yourself you are almost guaranteed to never be without income.  Who knows maybe will ask you what your job is and you will reply – I am a “Wheeler and a Dealer”!

Thoughts or Comments? Have your own story to share ? We would love for you to share them with us !